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Package deal’s

We are a great facility to stay at. See the city see the country see it all at one low price!

Enjoy our massages exercise classes. Swin in our pool’s and fresh water lakes. We have indoor saunas, whirl pools, gym’s, for the men and all types of our door activity. See the city all tours have a personal guide or map what ever you chose.


Top Deals

Get a one bedroom king size bed with a heart shaped tube. This package is priced to sell.

Come stay with us now you will get to enjoy all of the great luxuries we have to offer. Stay in our luxurie suite for two, enjoy the fireplace sky the best mountains on man made snow. Enjoy the live shows, We have year round fun. At no name lodge


Graet Events

At no name lodge we enjoy mountain climbing event’s. There are three types of mountains.

We have the small mountain trail for people who love to hike. We have the intermediate mountain for those learning to climb. We have the 4 mile mountain that can be climbed without ropes. Have fun camping out doors what ever suits your needs we have it.



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Why Us

Beacuse we have been rated the number 1 senic place to visit in the country. Voted #1 by blank magizine for having a great fun time vist us today you will be amazed contact us for brocures

  1. Fun for the whole familly.
  2. Historic built facility.
  3. Commedy shows and theater.
  4. Quality arts and crafts shows.
  5. Private rooms seperated.
  6. Free contential breakfast.
  7. #1 rated restaurants.
  8.  Tennis and snowmobiling.


Lodging & Health

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Lavish yourself in our heated pools day and night. The fun never stops at no name lodge we have all types of activity, from the great lakes of mohen to the