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Linda Sommers

Henry Stunt

The gym established in 2000 has been servicing over 800 members across the north east of the United States. We are located in city-state. We have free weights nutrition classes, spinning classes, also all types of fitness equipment. 

We are open seven days a week even holidays, come get in shape with us, we have a great staff and lots of good people. Enjoy spinning, aerobics, and hot tub sauna. and a full size pool.

We have a great training package for 1 to 1 training at low rates. We also have a boot camp class that’s inclusive with your membership for one year. You cannot place a price on your health so come down and talk to one of our staff. They are sure to get you motivated. 

Recent Announcements

  • Changes in the Practice Schedule

    You will be pleased to know that we have team games in the basketball court. They keep score of all of the games and times listed on this site. We will soon have an online account for you to keep track of all your exercise activity

  • Getting Ready for the Next Game
    We soon will have game time listings online as well as online billing for your membership. All of our interactive schedules will be online.  

Team Stats

Place Team Score
1 Aaerobics 19
2 Dolphins 16
3 Cats 15
4 Cheetahs 12

Member Perf. Score
Smith, J. 3 20
Bernards, A. 2 14
Davids, G. 5 11
Owen, L. 4 7